Saturday, May 4, 2013

Symantec: Security Gap Have iOS over Android than Many

Symantec: Security Gap Have iOS over Android Than Many
Apple's operating system, iOS, is not much of a target application makers malware attacks and malicious viruses. However, this is not to indicate that the mobile platform has a good level of security.

This is evidenced by the latest data released by Symantec. They say that in fact, iOS has many loopholes that can be used negatively. Rather than attacking IOS, many malware applications and malicious viruses designed to attack the Android users.

In the documentation, Symantec revealed that security vulnerabilities in the mobile world today many are not in line with the malware in circulation. Even Symantec said that iOS has the most vulnerabilities documentation in 2012. Surprisingly there is only one malware created for the platform, Symantec wrote.

On the other hand, Android has 13 security holes and lots of targeted malware attacks. Symantec assumes that malware attacks easily in Android platform distribution occurs because of ease of application in it. The smartphone manufacturers can easily modify the operating system, and modifications that provide entry opportunities malware application.


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